Paws for Portraits is all about capturing your pets true personality.

What to expect?

First, you will reach out to me through email or DM telling me you are ready to book your session or let me know if you have any questions.

Second, we will talk about where you would like to have your session. Also, we will talk about what you would like from your session.

Third, I will take a deposit of $100 to save your session date and time. Plus, take the rest of the session fee depending on when your session is.

Fourth, we will meet up for our session. During this time we will just have fun taking pictures for an hour to an hour and a half. The time frame is all dependent on what your pet needs.

After the session:

I will send you a group of photos that are not fully edited for you to choose from for me then to fully edit to give you back. You are also given the option for me to choose the photos as well if you would like.

After you selected your photos it will take me two weeks to edit and deliver back your photos.

During the selection process you are given the option to order prints as well.


Memory maker

Price includes:
Session fee which cover the 1-1.5 hour session.
Your choice of 15 fully edited digital images or a print credit of $450.
*Option to buy more photos is available at $35 per photo after*

$530 plus tax and processing fee

Product and company photoshoot

Tier one: $710
1-1.5 hour session.
20 fully edited downloadable images.
Price includes rights to images for marking.

Tier two: $810
1-1.5 hour session.
25 fully edited digital images.
Price includes rights to the images for marketing.

$710-$810 plus tax & processing


Price includes:
Session fee that covers a 1-1.5 hour session.
30 fully edited digital images of your choice.
Plus, a $100 print credit
Pick your edited images.
*This package is adjustable for companies/ marketing campaigns*

$1210 plus tax & processing fees

*Every package comes with a optional PHONE CALL TO TALK ABOUT THE SESSION AND ASK QUESTIONS. The Ultimate bundle comes with the option to pick out your final images*

Additional information:

Each photoshoot can range on price due to a few factors due to the following information

  • State and city permit fees
  • Travel cost
  • Rental fees
  • Most sessions will includes two dogs within in same household.
  • Additional locations are able for purchase but will be charged an additional fee.
  • If you would like to buy more photos and prints

Create some art for your home

At the office

For the living room

In the bedroom

Veterinarian office waiting room

Hallway or entrance


What do we offer?

Canvas, metal prints, framed prints, albums, and more.

Ask about more about some awesome prints


Does my dog need previous obedience training?

Heck no! Your pet doesn't need a perfect sit or stay to get an awesome photo! No need for your pet to be off leash trained as well.

What is my pet is reactive, aggressive, or nervous?

Honestly, that is okay. We will work as a team to make your dog feel comfortable!

I take time at the start of each session for the dog to get to know me, so they feel more comfortable. We can go to locations with limited activity around to alleviate your pets stress. If you are overly concerned, you can schedule a shoot during the week as opposed to weekend to lesson distractions.

I have previous experience working with leash reactive and nervous dogs. My personal dogs have seen trainers all over the country to get experience helping my leash reactive and nervous pets.

How does the color powder paint come off? What is the powder made of?

The color "paint" will come off when washing your pet. As soon as the session is over we recommend that you bring a towel to the session and dust off your pet, and wash your pet as soon as you get home from your photoshoot. The paint will come out easier the sooner you wash your pet after application.

Our clients have told us that they have used dawn dish soap and within 1-3 washes, the paint was removed! Some clients who have white pets with lots of fur have taken a few washes/days to get the color out.

The powder paint is pretty much crushed up chalk, and is eco/ pet friendly. Feel free to email me about what it is made of and if your pup would do okay with the product.

During the session what should I do while my pet is getting their pictures taken?

I highly encourage all the parents to be as hands during the session and help me. This is due to making the pup or cat feel the most comfortable they can be.

What should I bring to the session?

I always recommend bringing the following:
-Pets favorite toy.
-Pets favorite treats.
-Anything you think will help with getting your pets attention, and or you would like photographed during the session.